Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome, Doug MacLean

So Dick is insisting that we need to at least pretend that we aren't just using the morons in Hamilton for two or three years, and that we need to have some sort of "reason" for packing up and moving the team to Kitchener-Waterloo as soon as my real arena is ready. I had figured that "Hamilton is full of filthy working-class losers and the city smells like a sewer" would be reason enough, but Dick says no. He says we need to make sure the attendance starts to suck in the second or third year so we can get the hell out.

Personally, I think he is overreacting - once the average Hamilton jerk gets it through his dim little brain that the Maple Leafs won't be playing there every night ... the place will be half-full at best. But Dick thinks that we have to make sure the team sucks, too. Now, really, this is the Phoenix fucking Coyotes we are talking about here, how much worse does a team have to be? Just to be on the safe side, though, we are going to hire a bona fide idiot to help run the team, one who is not only a complete tool but who has proved it over and over again.

So please join me in welcoming Doug MacLean to our team. Take a bow, Doug.

Doug single-handedly made sure that the Columbus Blue Jackets not only sucked on the ice, but were a laughing-stock and a pariah in the community as well. He could quite easily be the worst executive in all of hockey - and that includes that weird Russian league where players just randomly die on the ice. Better yet, Doug doesn't know he is a complete failure, and thinks that he is being hired for his hockey "knowledge", so we can all get a good laugh every time he opens his big stupid mouth and says something moronic in that big stupid voice of his.

Hamilton and Doug MacLean - it's like they were made for each other.

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